Survey reveals the generation that makes the worst house guests

This survey has found that millennials are the worst generation of house guests.

A survey by US home maintenance and improvement company, Home Advisor, has revealed which generation makes the worst house guests – millennials. The survey asked 2000 participants, by generation, about their biggest pet peeves and worst house guest habits and each generation had a different take on what constituted the worst habits a house guest could commit. For millennials it was snooping, Gen Xer’s said it was indefinite stays and Baby Boomers thought it was a combination of indefinite stays and showing up unannounced. Now, here’s the interesting bit: When it came to admitting to their own misdemeanours as a house guest, from the list of 27 habits, millennials admitted to 16 out of 27 on the list, Gen Xer’s admitted to nine out of the 27 and Baby Boomers only admitted to one; cleaning without asking. 

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What do they do that upsets hosts? 

According to the survey, some of the things that millennials do to upset their host include showing up too early, never treating the home owner to a meal, using the host’s toiletries, never offering to help with the cooking, never making the bed, not offering to help with chores, bringing an additional guest and making comments about the host’s home.

When it came to the Gen Xers, hosts said that they are most likely to not bring a gift, not write a thank-you note, snoop through the host’s personal belongings, smoke in the home and use too many towels.

Based on the responses Home Advisor then ranked the generations to see who made the most polite guest in each of the five categories; keeping their personal area clean, giving specifics about arrival time and departure, giving a gift, asking about house rules and sending a thank-you note. Millennials ranked worst in every category except for one thing – asking about the house rules.

Would you get offended if someone cleaned your house without asking?

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