Survey reveals the best country to celebrate Christmas

A white Christmas full of snow, snowmen and reindeer is an imagine shared time and time again during the festive season.

In fact for some Aussie travellers it’s on the bucket lists of things to experience.

But a new survey has revealed the best country to celebrate Christmas – and it shows that many people around the world aren’t dreaming of a white Christmas.

In fact the survey, conducted by Aldi shoppers in Australia, the UK and the US found that many people want to spend Christmas outside by the barbecue.

That’s right, the survey found that Australia was the most desirable Christmas destination.

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The 2000 people surveyed, rated Australia number 1 because of the weather and our relaxed Aussie approach to Christmas.

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In fact, one of the major differences found by the Aldi survey was in the way we approach Christmas lunch and dinner.

While the American and British shoppers said they were slaving away in the kitchen for four or more hours on Christmas Day preparing roasts and hot meals, the Aussies surveyed revealed we generally only spend two hours or less preparing cooler meals such as ham, prawns, salad and pavlova.

One visiting British tourist told NewsCorp that Christmas in Australia was about “escaping the confines of four walls”.

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“In the UK, it’s so cold and everyone sits around and drinks a lot and it’s just like you’re forcing all the food down, whereas in Australia everyone’s having a nice time and it’s chilled,” she said.

So there you have it, looks like travelling abroad doesn’t always have to be the way to travel at Christmas time!

Do you agree with the survey? What do you love about an Aussie Christmas?




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