Skiing safety tips to keep you out of trouble

Skiing safety tips

If you’re a bit of a ski bunny (or want to be!) then there will be nothing more exciting than planning your next ski holiday. Whether it’s Japan, Canada or Australia, there are some incredible snow-covered locations around the world, but it pays to stay safe while you’re away. If you are thinking of booking a ski holiday, then here are some of the best ways to stay safe while you’re away.

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1. Get lessons

It seems so simple, but a great way to stay safe while you’re on holiday is to actually get lessons. You wouldn’t go on a bike tour if you didn’t know how to ride a bike, would you? And the same thing goes for skiing, before getting into you gear and heading straight for the slopes, enrol yourself into some basic lessons. That way you’ll at least know how to stop and change direction.

2. Purchase insurance

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No one wants to get injured on holiday, but it really does pay to organise the right travel insurance cover before you go, and that’s especially the case when it comes to your winter ski holiday. Take all the necessary precautions, so at least if something does go wrong, you won’t find yourself in too much trouble as a result. 

3. Wear a helmet

Again, no one wants to get into a pickle while on holiday, but it really pays to stay safe and do as much as you possibly can to maintain your health and safety while on a snow holiday. That means always wearing a helmet when you ski. Even if you think you’re a bit of a pro, it’s worth the effort of wearing some protective gear on your head.

4. Check your equipment

If you think it’s a good idea to borrow your neighbour’s ski equipment, think again. It’s incredibly important to wear the correct sized boots when skiing, so stay safe and rent your equipment from the hotel you’re staying at or the ski slopes you’re visiting, if you don’t have your own. 

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5. Check the weather forecast

Log on and check what the weather’s going to be like before you head out, and always dress appropriately for the conditions. Your muscles are going to heat up, so it’s important to keep them as warm as possible in between runs. 

6. Ski run grades

Understand your limits and know the ski run grades. Here’s a list of the ski run grades to pay attention to on your next ski holiday.

  • Green: These slopes are great for beginners and first-timers. They’re usually located lower down the mountain.
  • Red: The red grading is for intermediate skiers who are comfortable with a 40 to 60 per cent slope.
  • Black: Black slopes are for the expert skiers with experience on difficult terrain and routes.

Do you have any safety tips for skiers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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