Quirky hotels in Barcelona for travellers over 60

The Plaza De Espana in Barcelona. Source: YouTube

If you’re planning a Europe trip and you’re popping to Spain, then Barcelona is bound to be on your list of places to visit. With its Mediterranean beaches, it’s a popular destination for travellers of all ages. Barcelona is particularly good if you love art and architecture, combining elements of modernism and avant-garde styles. The art and architecture of the city transcends into its hotels, with plenty of quirky, cool and affordable options for you. Here are five quirky hotels in Barcelona for travellers over 60.

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1. Hostal L’Antic Espai

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If you love antiques, you’ll love the Hostal L’Antic Espai. It’s one of the most popular and unique hotels in Barcelona, situated in an Art Noveau neighbourhood of the city. As you walk in the doorway you’re transported to a bygone era full of antique furniture, collectables and decor. There’s so many treasures to be found in each room, with some amazing art work and furniture wherever you go in the hotel. The hotel is also relatively affordable, with prices from as little as 50 euros ($73)  per night. It’s all within walking distance of some of Barcelona’s most popular tourist attractions!

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2. Hotel Curious

Does the name make you curious? Hotel Curious is another of Barcelona’s popular and quirky hotels. Not only will it take you just a minute to walk to Las Ramblas, the city’s famous thoroughfare, you can also enjoy Wi-Fi and air-conditioning in your room. What makes this hotel so quirky? Well, each of the hotel’s floors is themed around one of the elements of nature — earth, fire, water and air. The decor of your room might be themed with the colour blue if you’re on the ground (water themed floor) or red if you’re on the fire themed floor. Perhaps the best part is you can sleep under giant wall size photos of Barcelona’s major attractions! It’s renowned as a budget motel, with rooms from just 60 euros  ($87) per night.

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Sweet dreams from Barcelona ✨

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3. Hotel Acta Mimic

Our cool motel

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Ever feel like some hotel rooms just don’t fit your mood? Well, at the Hotel Acta Mimic you can actually change the feel of your room to fit your mood.  Each of the 89 modern rooms has Cromotherapy, an alternative therapy piece of technology that lets you change the lights in your room to fit your mood. That’s right, you can change the colour and intensity of the lights to match how you’re feeling! What’s even better is  you can get a room in this quirky hotel for as little as 60 euros ($87)  per night.

терраса приглянулась мне 🌴

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4. Casa Camper

A view from the rooftop terrace at #CasaCamper in Barcelona

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It’s been described as hip, eccentric and kooky, and there are some really cool things about the Casa Camper. In the multicultural area of Ruval, lies this simple and eco-friendly hotel. So, what makes it so quirky? Well, chances are you’ll find a hammock hanging in the corner of you room if you need to chill out and if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to look out your window and see a vertical hanging garden! The hotel also has a 24-hour Tentempie cafe, where you can grab a free soft drink, coffee or snack at any hour of the day or night! 

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5. Hotel Neri

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What do you get when you combine a medieval palace and an 18th century stone house? You’ll find the answer at the quirky Hotel Neri. Situated in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, you’ll find the Hotel Neri’s blend of historic and contemporary style. If you’re lucky you’ll see the fountains of the Plaza San Felip Neri from the hotel and sits beside the city’s cathedral. The Picasso museum is also just a short walk away from your room at the Hotel Neri. 

Pátio interior do lindo Hotel Neri, luxo no coração do Bairro Gótico.

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Have you ever stayed in any of these hotels? What was your favourite hotel experience in Barcelona?


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