Play this in the car and your road trip will fly by


Hitting the road, whether you’re a grey nomad or enjoy a self-drive holiday, is a fantastic way to travel. But, when you’re driving in a land as vast as Australia, the road is long and often similar in appearance for hours on end. 

It’s okay to admit the road can be a little boring sometimes – driving can be tiring after all. Sometimes we need a bit of entertainment to perk us up and keep us awake. People have taken to the website Reddit to share their tips for long drives and many say that listening to comedy while driving is a great way to stay engaged, alert and laughing all the way. 

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One user commented: “It can turn any ride into fun because your laughing your *** off and it helps keep you concentrated and awake, even on the most boring road.”

It feels like you have a companion the whole trip. A companion that is doing nothing but trying to make you laugh,” said another. 

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If you don’t have CD’s or recordings of your favourite comedians, you can download podcasts to your smartphone that play a selection of different comedians, or you can use Apps on your phone to play comedy channels.

If you have an iPhone device, open your podcast app and search for your favourite comedian or comedy playlists. Download entire series of podcasts at home while you have WiFi – that way you won’t get any nasty data charges. If you have an Android phone, you can do the same thing via the Google Play Store. 

Or, go old fashioned by buying a few CD’s and you’re ready to roll!

What do you to keep yourself entertained on the road? Let us know in the comments below.


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