Over-60 travellers fire back at the ‘Dear Older Generations’ video

Jenny Alcorn

The ‘Dear Older Generations’ video that appeared on social media elicited a firestorm of responses from the Baby Boomer generation who were quick to point out how off-beat, insulting and misinformed the video was. 

In case you missed it, the video alludes to the fact that older generations gave up on their hopes, dreams and even life because they got a steady job in a “cubicle”, settled down, got married and had children. 

The video says Millennials refuse to apologise for their superior nomadic lifestyle they now live. It argues tobogganing down a volcano in Nicaragua is an equivalent joy to having children. Give us a break.

“We are digital nomads,” the video says, “and the entire world is our workspace, our classroom, our playground and our home.”

Well, we’re grey nomads and we’ve got something to say in response. The Travel at 60 team have made our own video to try and set the record straight. Watch our video below. 

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The Dear Older Generations video has been removed by Global Degree who created the video, but as with anything on the internet, it is never truly gone. Watch the original video below.

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