Outdoor toilet named the most extreme loo in the world

When you are travelling, it can be a challenge to find a good toilet when you need one.  Imagine though that there is a toilet so remote that toilet paper must be flown there!

Perched on the edge of the Altai Mountains has been voted the most extreme loo.  Sitting at over 8,500 feet, it is the official, which is a nice way of saying only, toilet for the Kara-Tyurek meteorological station.

The station, which was commissioned by Joseph Stalin in 1939, is a key weather station to ensure the safe passage of plans over the area between Europe and the Far East.  There isn’t a village for 60 miles, the regional capital is 500 miles away, and Moscow is 2,039 miles away.  Supplies for the station can only be flown there during the autumn months by helicopter.  Ten flights are made to restock the station and change staff.

There is no running water up there either as the four scientists stationed there have to collect barrels of snow and bring it inside to melt if they want water to drink or wash up with.  If you have an active night time bladder as well, you might not want to visit as it can drop to minus 50C at night.

Photographer Natalia Nesterenko who recently made a pilgrimage to the station told The Siberian Times, “The toilet is outdoors and when you enter it, you lose your breath because it is set on the edge of the cliff.

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“It takes years for users to sit comfortably on this perilous potty,”


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