Never post a photo of this when you travel

Never take a photo of this when you travel

The rest of the world is just a quick click away thanks to social media, smartphones and other devices. But with that added digital freedom, also comes some questionable new worries about privacy.

The best of us have snapped a few photos in the departure lounge before boarding a flight, but if there’s one thing you should never take a photo of and share online, it’s your boarding pass.

Posting this document online reveals a lot of personal information about yourself, including things like your full name, flight number and even your banks details. 

But that’s just the half of it, because barcodes and boarding gate information is also shared, meaning your information can get into the wrong hands, leading to someone ruining your holiday and even stealing your identity.

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Frequent flyer, Steve Hui, proved just how easy it is to use someone’s details to their detriment, by accessing a passengers itinerary, frequent flyer login and even credit card details from a picture of a boarding pass on Instagram.

“I could view the passenger’s entire itinerary, and see when and where they were going to travel,” he told

“Details also included their seat numbers, frequent flyer details and ticket numbers.”

The next time you’re at the departure lounge, thinking about snapping an enviable boarding pass photo to show all your friends on Facebook or Instagram, think again and keep your personal details to yourself.

Has this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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