In-flight etiquette you’re probably not aware of

Plane etiquette
Plane etiquette

It’s irksome when we see fellow passengers behaving badly or forgetting their manners when on a plane, but have you ever considered you could be one of them? There are quite a few small gestures you may not be aware of that are considered basic manners on the plane. Here are the ones you should be aware of.

1. Put your luggage in the overhead compartment wheels first. By putting it in this way, it saves space for others to put their bags in too.

2. Don’t put your coat, jacket or small bag into the overhead compartments until everyone has boarded, otherwise it could delay the flight while attendants search the plane for extra space.

3. If you’re in the aisle seat, you benefit from a little extra leaning room towards the aisle, same goes for the window seat and extra room towards the window. Therefore, aisle seats and window seats each get one armrest, while the person in the middle gets two.

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4. Don’t leave it until everyone gets their food to go to the bathroom. This will cause unnecessary hassle in having everyone try to stand with their meal trays.

5. If you’re in the middle seat and want to have a sleep, lean forward onto your tray table. That way, you won’t end up cuddled into your (uncomfortable) neighbour’s shoulder.

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6. Don’t assume the person in the seat next to you wants to chat. While a friendly hello is common courtesy, some people like to leave it at that when flying.

7. Ask the person behind you if it’s okay if you recline your seat. Chances are they’re not going to say no, even if they don’t want you to, and they can’t get in a huff because you did ask their permission.

8. Wipe down the basin in the toilet after use. This keeps it clean and tidy for other passengers. If you’re using paper towel anyway, it’s very little extra effort. 

What habit annoys you the most on the plane? Let us know in the comments below. 

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