How to haggle at a marketplace without feeling bad

How to haggle at a market without feeling bad

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One of the great things about going on holiday is getting home with a whole host of great souvenirs, either for yourself or the rest of your friends and family. But the price of those souvenirs can add up quickly, especially once store owners realise you’re a tourist looking for ways to spend your hard-earned money. But instead of paying full price for your souvenirs when you go away, learn how to haggle at a marketplace without feeling bad about it. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get back from your holiday with some fairly priced pressies for the family, and yourself!

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1. Know what the item is worth

First of all, you want to make sure that you do your research before you even approach a market stall. Without knowing the going price for whatever travel trinket you’re looking for, there’s no way you’re going to nab yourself a bargain. Ask around or even look online for what the going price is for what you’re after. Once you know that, you’ll know what the fair price is and will be much more likely to stick to your guns.

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2. Remember that you’re doing business

The people you’re buying souvenirs and crafts from are professional salespeople, and they are ready to get the highest amount from foreign tourists who aren’t familiar with local prices. But if you put yourself in the frame of mind that you’re doing business, then you’re much more likely to enter the haggle feel strong and will then hopefully get the best outcome for you and your budget, without feeling bad about it.

3. Ask a local, if you know one

Locals are much less likely to get ripped off than foreign tourists so if you do know a local who can help you out, make sure you put them to work. They can speak the local language, or lingo, and will be much more able to get a local price than a tourist could.

4. Set yourself a limit

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If you don’t know a local to help you out, and you’ve already done your research about how much the item in question should cost, then you should set yourself a limit and be prepared to stick to it. That way when the salesperson isn’t prepared to budge, you can show them that you aren’t prepared to part with your money for that price, either.

5. Be prepared to walk away

Sometimes you just won’t be able to see eye-to-eye with a salesperson about a price while you’re trying to haggle at a marketplace. That’s when you have to stick to your guns and walk away. There will always be other marketplaces and store holders that will have something in your budget. Once you start to walk away, you might just find that the store holder chases you down the street to renegotiate.

6. Have fun with it

Don’t forget that a cheeky smile and a bit of a laugh can go a long way. The quicker you get the store holder at a market place on your side, the quicker they’ll warm up to you and your haggling attempts.

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7. Be respectful

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you’re being respectful with the people around you, no matter how much you haggle. There is a way to do it nicely and respectfully to make sure you each exit the negotiation with smiles on your faces.

Do you have any other tips for how to haggle at a marketplace without feeling bad about it? Let us know all about your tips in the comments section below.

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