How a pair of glasses can get you out of trouble on holiday

How a pair of glasses can get you out of trouble on holiday

A pair of glasses are no doubt going to come in handy for those of us who are a bit vision impaired, but did you know a pair of glasses can get you out of trouble on holiday, even if you don’t actually wear them? They absolutely can, and here’s how.

While not all of us enjoy going camping in the wilderness, there are some who can’t get enough of an adrenaline rush that comes with camping in the great out doors. But if you find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation and can’t find your way, or worse, get lost in the cold, then a pair of handy spectacles could just save your life.

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The first way to get yourself out of a pickle is to use your glasses as a magnifying glass and use the sunlight to start a fire. Simply put the lens in the direction of the sun, directing the light onto a bunch of dried leaves or grass to ignite the fire right in front of your eyes.

 But there is another way to use your glasses to get your out of trouble while on a camping holiday, although, this one might be a little more complicated and will only work if you have metal pieces in your glasses frames.

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We hope you’re not feeling too attached to those specs, either, because this tip includes destroying one of the arms. If you are absolutely lost on your camping holiday, then snap one of the arms off your glasses and magnitise it by rubbing it against a woollen sweater or your hair. Drop the arm into a cup of still water and it will point towards north.

Do you have any other survival tips that could help you get out of trouble while on holiday? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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