Dry your clothes quickly with this electricity-free travel hack

Hand washing
Hand washing

If you’re like us, you probably do, or have, hand-washed your clothes while on holiday. Sometimes it’s because there’s no affordable laundry service where you’re staying, or because it’s a quick and easy way to have clean clothes.

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The only downside is that when you hand wash your clothes, even your delicates, they can take a day or more to dry because they don’t get that fast-spin cycle from the washing machine.

Put down the hair dryer and don’t even think about rushing your clothes to the front desk to have them dried, because you can dry your clothes quickly and easily with this electricity-free travel hack. And the equipment is already in your room!

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All you have to do is take two towels in your hotel room — or if one or both are wet you can improvise with a bathrobe, face towel or hand towel — and lay the first towel flat on the bed. Lay out your wet clothes in a single layer on top of it and roll up the towel tightly. Lay the second towel on the bed and roll the first towel in the second towel. This will put a lot of pressure on the clothes, expelling as much moisture as possible.

When you’re finished this process, they should be as dry, if not drier, than if they came out of a washing machine. Simply hang to dry and they’ll be ready in a few hours.

Do you have a travel laundry travel hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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