Disgusting surprise closes Australian beach

Disgusting surprise closes Australian beach

Australian beaches are known for being some of the most beautiful and pristine in the world, but that’s not the case at one popular beach in South Australia.

Beachgoers have been told to stay away from the water at Christies Beach after a disgusting surprise was found in the water.

According to the Advertiser, wastewater was being released into the water from the Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant on Saturday morning, leading to visitors being at risk of illness.

“People who come into contact with un-disinfected wastewater could experience gastrointestinal illness, including diarrhoea and vomiting,” South Australia Health principal water quality adviser, Dr David Cunliffe, said.

“If people come into contact with the wastewater and develop an illness they should contact their medical practitioner.”

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A community in New South Wales this year faced a similar ordeal when Coogee Beach was threatened by water pollution caused by stormwater being pumped onto the beach following heavier than usual downpours.

People were warned to watch out for signs and avoid getting into the water due to the risk of exposure in both the water and on the sand.

Sydney Water reports that 5 per cent of wastewater overflow was released into the ocean in 2012-2013, up from 4.1 per cent the previous year and 1.1 the year before that.

Members of the community have taken to social media wondering how such a situation could occur at Christies Beach in the first place.

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“This needs an investigation,” said Lisa on Facebook. “Sorry just isn’t enough.”

While another person was more pragmatic with his response.

“I’d be more concerned about the dog poo in the sand,” said Mike.

What do you think about the situation on Christies Beach? Let us know in the comments section below.

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