Couple ridiculed for filming elderly man slipping on ice

The man was close to taking a tumble.

We’ve all laughed along to funny videos showing people in unfortunate circumstances, but many have been left hurt and outraged by footage uploaded online that sees a couple giggling as they watch an elderly man fall over in the snow.

The couple were filming out the window in their home in Brighton home as they watched people try to navigate their way through the heavy snow that had blanketed the street.

Much of Europe has been blasted by a vicious snow storm over the past few days and there have a number of accidents due to the treacherous conditions.

The couple who filmed the video were looking outside when they noticed a number of people slipping and falling hard on their backsides on an icy patch.

Deciding to film the next few victims, they were delighted when an elderly man with a walking stick started heading towards the ice.

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“It’s 1am in the morning, we’re in Brighton and it’s snowing,” the male narrator can be heard saying.

“There’s currently an old man with a walking stick, walking towards a block of ice. Let’s see how he handles it.”

After stumbling around a little the man managed to keep his balance, but his campion fell to the ground much to the couple’s amusement.

They went on the film more people falling victim to the ice, but while some viewers were laughing along with them others failed to see the funny side.

“8 potential broken hips. One of the most painful bone fractures you can have. Usually results in $100,000 hip replacement surgery. 5day hospital stay and 45-60days learning to walk again without a cane. Yeah, really funny,” wrote one angry viewer.

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“For elderly people it is very common for a fall resulting in broken bones to cause a decline in health which eventually results in death. Really sad that they chose to film it instead of helping by calling authorities or putting something down themselves. Shameful,” said another.

“Lets try that again but with one of their grandparents. That’ll crack em up…wont it?” shot back another.

Others though said it was time the world lightened up and learned to have a laugh, pointing out no one was hurt.

“Super funny, I loved it, obvioulsy [sic] no one was hurt so chill people, its funny watching others fall over,” laughed one fan.

The video has already racked up thousands of views online.

Does this kind of thing make you laugh? Or does this couple need to grow up?

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