WATCH: How to plan a trip to Central and South America as a traveller over 60

It’s the home of ancient cultures, the longest mountain range in the world and traditional outfits that are so colourful that the contrasting shades can leave a lasting impression on your mind and your retinas!

But South America is, by some, considered a dangerous, unforgiving and often difficult to navigate place that surely wouldn’t be high on the list of places to visit for travellers over 60. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Travel bloggers, married couple and regular Travel at 60 writers, Jane and Duncan Dempster-Smith from have spent months travelling throughout the continent and have some tips to impart onto others looking to take the plunge and visit this magical place.

After deciding to leave the corporate life for a life on the road, Jane and Duncan are living their travelling dream and are inspiring others to do the same.

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“South America was just amazing, people were friendly, different cultures, great food, historical locations,” Jane says. “People say to you: South America, Central America, surely it’s unsafe? But actually no,” Duncan adds.

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And what’s the biggest tip Jane and Duncan have for baby boomers and travellers over 60? It’s to take time out to slow down and enjoy your trip as much as possible.

“Don’t rush from place to place, slow down and enjoy the people, enjoy the culture and enjoy the landscape, which means you get time back for yourself. You’re not rushing, it’s easy to slow down and it’s more affordable.”

Have you ever been to South America? What tips do you have for people looking to visit this region? Let us know in the comments section below.

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