4 experiences you can only have on a Blue Lagoon Fijian cruise

Blue Lagoon Fijian Cruise

More than 60 years’ experience and a crew made up of an excitable and passionate team of locals, the Blue Lagoon cruises through Fiji are an experience not to be missed.

If you are hankering for a tropical adventure that combines a boutique liner with beach escapes, friendly people and the chance to make life-long friends, then the Blue Lagoon Fijian cruise is your introduction to this beautiful paradise.

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1. Truly get to know your vessel

The Fiji Princess is not your average cruise ship; it’s a boutique experience with a maximum of 68 passengers on board, making it a truly personal and pampered experience.

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First-time cruiser Lyn Trail recently had the joy of calling this vessel “home” for several days. Watch her video log of the first day below:

During your first night aboard the ship is the perfect time to explore the craft you’ll be calling home during your Fijian holiday. Check into your room, visit the top deck, watch the sun set with a cocktail in hand and then take your seat in the restaurant where you can cap off the end of your first day with a delicious traditional dinner.

2. Explore the most pristine corners of the Blue Lagoon

The Fiji Princess is specially built to navigate the smaller inlets and bays out of reach of larger cruise ships.

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The Yasawa Islands is a group of 20 islands and home to the famous Blue Lagoon, where the 1948 movie of the same name was filmed. As the name suggests the waters here are a dreamy mix of shades of emerald and aqua blue and are as inviting as a beach could ever be.

Go for a snorkel, enjoy a barbecue on the beach and lap up your slice of paradise. There are also traditional feasts to be enjoyed on the sand and dances performed by the locals.

3. Get to know the locals 

It’s often said that the people in Fiji are some of the friendliest you’re likely to meet. Listen out for the cheerful “Bula” greetings throughout your journey and return the salutation with a wave and cheery grin.

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During a Blue Lagoon Fijian cruise, passengers are invited to take part and witness traditional Fijian ceremonies. There is also the opportunity to meet the children in the local villages through the Vinaka Fiji volunteer program. Here guests can meet the locals and bring along basic amenities like books and pencils to give to the local school children.

For Lyn, her Blue Lagoon experience left a particularly strong impression.

4. Form lasting friendships

 “I love waking up every morning and being somewhere different, going somewhere different,” says one of the cruisers on the Blue Lagoon ship.

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But it’s the friends you make along the way that can make all the difference, Lyn said during her cruise. “Sanju who’s been our fabulous hostess, she’s looked after us so wonderfully, she’s even helped me up the stairs a few times,” she says.

Whether you’re getting to know the locals, your tour guide or your fellow cruisers, the warmth and hospitality of Fiji can open anyone up to the possibility of fun, friendship and adventure.

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