Australia’s shocking ranking in world’s booziest countries list

While it might not be something that Australian’s is especially proud of but around the world, we are known as top drinkers. A new interactive map does show that while Australia ranks high, we are not “The World’s Booziest” country.

The website created an interactive map that uses data collected by the World Health Organisation between 2010 and 2015. According to the map, the Eastern European country of Moldova comes in at the number one drinking country with the average person consuming 17.4 litres per year. Belarus and Lithuania come in in the second and third position with 17.1 and 16.2 litres per year, per person respectfully.

Where on the list does Australia sit? Well, for comparison the United States of America sits at 49th place while the United Kingdom sits the 17th spot. Australia is tied for the 10th Booziest country with Serbia.

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Source Vouchercloud

According to the map, Australia and Serbia both consume 12.6 litres per year, per person. That works out to be just under 17 standard 750 millilitres bottle of wine per year. If you are a beer drinker than it works out to be just over 33 standard 375 millilitres bottle or can of beer per year.

Experts say that if each person passes on a single drink per week that it could dramatically impact the rating. As with many of life’s “good things,” all should be enjoyed responsibly and with moderation.

It’s a sobering discovery, indeed.

What do you think about the list? Do you agree with the figures or do you believe that we, as Australians, drink a lot less or more?

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