10 adorable animals who know how to keep cool during an Australian summer

Animals keep cool during Australian summer

The mercury is rising and parts of Australia have seen some of the highest consecutive temperatures the country has ever seen. Parts of Sydney have experienced five hot nights in a row, with temperatures failing to dip lower than 24C. While that can pose a significant health worries for children, the unwell and mature adults, there is also reason to worry about native wildlife and family pets as the temperatures continue to rise. But there are some incredibly cute animals out there who are all doing the right thing by staying hydrated, getting out of the sun and keeping cool — and they all look incredibly cute while doing it! Here are just some of the most adorable who can teach us all about how to stay cool this summer.

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1. These two little guys know that a pair of sunnies are a must in the scorching summer sun:

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2. While this one knows that a run under the sprinkler can be a quick cool down:

3. And when the temperatures really rise, there’s no reason to leave the air conditioned house at all:

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4. Always be sure to stay in the shade when you’re outdoors:

Spending the day at Gorge Wildlife Park 🐨🌼 . . #australia #kangaroo #wildlife #aussiesummer #australiaday #southaustralia #cute

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5. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, then a quick dip will do the trick:

6. Or you could always use a friend’s or head to the public pool:

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7. Just remember to get a yourself a floaty:

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8. Drink plenty of water:

9. Slip, slop, slap:

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10. And stay with friends or family on particularly hot days:

Keeping cool in our doggy pool 😎💦 #HappyAussieDay 🇦🇺

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How do you keep yourself and your pets cool during an Australian summer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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