5 of the best beaches in the Caribbean

One of San Juan's iconic beaches.

The Caribbean is famous for its white sandy beaches and gorgeous crystal clear waters.

That’s what makes it so appealing to so many tourists, after all – who doesn’t just want to lay back on the beach and enjoy a nice cocktail or ice cold beer?

There are thousands of beaches, on thousands of islands to choose from, which can make booking a holiday to the Caribbean quite difficult.

To make it easier, here’s a list of 5 of the best beaches in the Caribbean.


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1. San Juan

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San Juan is the capital of the Caribbean country Puerto Rico and is home to some spectacular beaches. If you’re taking a trip to San Juan, you’ll find it differs to some popular Caribbean destinations where beaches can become over crowded. Apparently, the beaches of San Juan can be quite under crowded on week days, allowing you to lay back and relax. With crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, San Juan’s many beaches are a hit with travellers. Among the popular beaches are Escambron Beach, Condado Beach and Isla Verde Beach.

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2. Antigua

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On the Caribbean island of Antigua, you can find a beach for every day of the year. That’s right, there are 365 beaches on the tiny island and chances are you’ll never get to see even a tenth of them in your stay! Among the best beaches in Antigua is Love Beach (where you can sit in a little beach pod and watch the sunrise or set over the ocean), Hawksbill Bay (famous for a rock formation visible out in the sea), Royal Palm Beach and Jumby Bay, which has some of the whitest sands and clearest waters you can find on the island.

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3. St Maarten

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You might recognise St Maarten for one thing in particular – low-flying planes! One of the most popular beaches on the island is Maho Beach – famous for white sands, sparkling blue ocean and the roar of plane engines. That’s right, you’ve probably seen video of the planes flying just metres over the heads of beachgoers as they come to land at the island’s Princess Juliana airport. St Maarten is a small island country in the Caribbean, and as you might expect its beaches are absolutely pristine. The island has 36 beaches including Maho Beach, Happy Bay Beach and Orient Beach. If you’re into clothing-optional beaches, there are a

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4. St Kitts


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Home to more than a dozen iconic beaches, St Kitts is one of the islands forming the Caribbean country St Kitts and Nevis. Among those iconic beaches is Dieppe Bay (famous for black volcanic sand and snorkelling), Banana Bay (a secluded beach with coconut trees and soft white sand) and North Frigate Bay, which is home to many of the island’s resorts and restaurants. Along with Dieppe Bay, there are many beaches that have the shiny black volcanic sand – which is great if you’re chasing a tan as the sun reflects off of it!

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5. Tortola

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As the biggest of the British Virgin Islands, you’ll find Tortola also has some of the most scenic and pristine beaches in the Caribbean. The island has many iconic beaches, many of which you can walk right out into the water and only find yourself waste deep. Among the best beaches on Tortola is Cane Garden Bay (the most popular, most famous of Tortola’s beaches), Brewers Bay (secluded because it’s off the tourist trail) and Lambert Beach, home to white sands and sparkling blue sea.

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You can feel the sand and taste the cocktails just looking at the photos!

Do you like going to the beach? Have you ever been to the Caribbean?

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