11 things you’ll only understand if you’ve experienced an Australian summer

Australian summer

It’s been a hot start to 2017, with some parts of the country reporting record-breaking high temperatures, but if you’re a local, then there are some parts of an Aussie summer that are common each year. From hot steering wheels to frying eggs on the hot pavement, here are 11 things you’ll only understand once you’ve experienced a hot Australian summer. 

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1. You’ll get creative about how to keep your pets cool:

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2. And your drinks:

Childfree weekend😎 #aussiesummer #poolparty #bliss #mumstimeout

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3. You’ll literally feel like you’ve entered the depths of hell:

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4. You’ll constantly regret your decision to leave the house:

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5. And eat mangos for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

6. You’ll curse the weather gods for not letting you sleep:

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#summer2017 #aussiesummer #heatwave #summernights #thirtyplusdegrees #cantsleep #hot

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7. And wonder how you’re ever going to survive the car trip when it’s 47 degrees:

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8. Even your electronics will have had enough:

#Gatestohellareopen #straya #aussiesummer #sunburntcountry #lucifersland #hot #fuck #boiling #42degrees

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9. And there’ll be no room in your freezer for actual food, just icy poles and ice-cream:

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‪You can tell it's Summer.‬ ‪My freezer is filled with ice cream and zooper doopers 😜#aussiesummer ‬

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10. Even the local wildlife will need a hand during the heat:

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11. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to drive through the summer heat:

Yea pretty much #summer #aussiesummer

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How do you keep cool during a hot Australian summer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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