10 Photos that will inspire you to visit Mexico

Visit Mexico

Home of tequila, tacos and Frida Kahlo, Mexico is a country that has no problem expressing its cultural identity. But there’s so much more to discover in this fascinating country beyond the clichés. Yes, yes, tacos are delicious and who doesn’t love the captivating works of beautiful Frida? But these photos will inspire you to visit Mexico and get below the surface of this fascinating country.

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1. Mexico has amazing beaches like those found at Cabo San Lucas:

Playa Balandra #CaboSanLucas #Baja #LaPaz #Playa #Balandra #Heaven #Paradise #Beach #Tourist

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2 The beaches in Puerto Vallarta are pretty special, too:

Somewhere over the ocean #travel #puertovallarta #vivalamexico #planeview #windowseat

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4. The colourful and colonial-style buildings of Merida are simply magical:

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En el fondo, el catedral de Mérida, uno de los más antiguo de América Latina

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5. While resorts and luxury are available in Cancun:

Aerial view of #Cancun ☁️🛩☁️ #VisitCancun #YesYouCancun

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6. Chiapas is known for the local artisans who have woven the same patterns for hundreds of years:

Choose a color #handmade #chiapas #sanjuanchamula #mexico #travel

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8. See the Monarch butterflies after their 5,000km journey from the United States:

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9. Watch the Danza de los Voladores take flight during this death-defying traditional performance:

#palovolador #danzadelosvoladores

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10. And, of course, you could hardly visit Mexico without having a taco (or 20):

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Have these photos inspired you to travel to Mexico? Or perhaps you’ve already visited? Let us know in the comments section below.

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