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Wife gives hilarious gift to husband before his solo Vegas trip

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When your husband plans to take a holiday to Las Vegas without you, you want to make sure that he’s not going to get up to no good, or at least stays safe, while he’s away. That’s exactly what went through Kim Gip’s mind when her husband of 23 years, Jim, announced a trip with his friends to Las Vegas.

Kim gave her husband a playful, cheeky, yet very thoughtful gift and it has since gone viral, thanks to her son publishing a photo of the impromptu pressie on Twitter.

Now, many wives would be at least a little concerned if their husband took their first solo trip to Las Vegas, but Kim had a great response.

She made him a typed message which Jim was to wear around his neck. The tongue-in-cheek letter instructs anyone reading it to either call her, or to order her husband some Asian food, if he is caught looking lost while at a restaurant.

The couple’s son, Brandon, posted a photo of the necklace on his Twitter account this weekend. “My mom made this for my dad because he’s going to Vegas this weekend without her,” he said. The image has since been retweeted close to 35,000 times.

The sign, attached says: “My name is Jim” in bold, highlighted letters.

“If I look lost, please call my wife … I’ve never been away from my wife who does everything for me.”

Apparently Jim saw the funny side, too, later posting a picture of himself wearing the necklace.

The post was received quite well by social media users all around the country.

“This would be me as a wife,” one user commented.

“Real relationship goals,” tweeted another.

Some others tweeted to Brandon:

Did this make you laugh? Would you do the same when your spouse travels without you?

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