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Why you should rethink only taking carry-on luggage

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Travel experts and packing gurus may boast about the benefits of only taking carry-on luggage during an overseas trip, but it could cause you more grief than you might think. 

Sure, breezing through the airport because you have no luggage to check in might sound like a dream, and not having to worry about multiple bags while traipsing around on holiday is great, too, but not everything can go to plan if you only bring carry-on luggage.

According to some frequent flyers, travelling without carry-on luggage, especially on long or international flights, can be a red flag for airline staff and can be a cause for suspicion.

“Normally I carry a small bag for the overhead compartment, but I was flying from Heathrow to NYC once and carrying only my baise en ville [shoulder bag],” one traveller, Gayot Fow, shared online. 

“It caused me to get flagged up for further questioning by airline security (it was a US carrier),” he said.

“They were very worried that no baggage was checked and I had no carry on.

“After this, my advice if you are travelling ‘conspicuously light‘ is to have something on hand that demonstrates your itinerary and some plausible explanation.”

Another traveller shared their own similar experience on their international trip.

“I’ve had a similar experience when coming back from what was basically a week-end [sic] trip from the US to Europe, carrying just a small back-pack [sic]. Having a plausible reason and the stub from the first leg of the flight calmed them down,” Jonas shared.

So, the next time you think bringing just carry-on luggage on a plane is a good idea because it can save you time, think again about whether it will be worth the hassle or not.

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