Know where you can travel without a visa with this passport ranking site

Apr 29, 2019
Find out how powerful your passport is with this passport ranking site. Source: Getty

Tourist visas are becoming more and more common when travelling abroad. But trying to work out whether you need a visa or not for a certain country can be, at times, overwhelming, especially if you’re travelling to multiple destinations.

Luckily, Passport Index is a website that can help. The site claims to be the world’s most popular interactive tool, which collects, displays and ranks the passports of the world.

Most importantly, Passport Index can be super helpful when you’re planning a trip and need to figure out where your passport can take you and if you need to apply for a travel visa.

The site’s passport index allows you to compare the world’s passports side-by-side as well as learn about their visa polices. A total of 193 countries are accounted for on the website, with those who have the highest scores being able to travel the most freely.

For instance, Australia has one of the strongest passports in the world with a visa-free score on the site of 161. However, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the world’s most powerful passport with a visa-free score of 169.

It also updates its information in real-time and will let you know when new visa waivers and changes are implemented.

And if you’re an avid traveller, the popular site also offers suggestions on how you can improve your global mobility score by obtaining additional passports.

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