We’ve got a cheeky little travel secret

May 11, 2019

Here at Starts at 60 and Travel at 60 we’ve got a cheeky little secret… and we want you to know and understand it a bit better.

We have been doing a lot of work to grow a dedicated travel operation [Travelat60.com] for over 60s that’s really different, offering both travel agency services and a marketplace packed with very hot deals with a difference.  Thanks to your purchasing of travel through our centralised call-centre team and website we’ve grown a little market power, and it is able to benefit you in some incredible new ways- we’re calling it our “cheeky little secret”.

As you know, retirees are the only people who can really get up and travel “next week”, taking advantage of shoulder seasons that have a little softness or hot deals that come your way. So, being the voice of the over-60s, we have used your flexibility to negotiate rather fabulous travel deals and put them in our Travelat60.com Marketplace so you can grab them. The holidays, called “Travel at 60 Exclusives” are hot hot deals, with limited timeframes until purchase.  They bundle multiple parts of a holiday together, and you wont know exactly how we got such an awesome price!  You’ll just be able to tell it is terrific, and often, only available at those prices during the dates detailed.  (We can usually arrange the same package at a higher price for you at other times).

Our Travel at 60 exclusives are made with us bundling really terrific deals on high quality tour, cruise and hotel departures that might *not* be at “peak season” when you would pay full price.  Instead, they might be packages for shoulder seasons or when there is a little softness in the booking demand – and you, being retired can take advantage of this discount. Or they might be extra-good deals an operator wants to bring to us so we can move them fast through your hungry desire to travel. Either way, we’re pushing operators to bring you a great deal, and if we can, to discount it even more if you buy it online (rather than by phone).

So, it’s important you know the deals are here, and that you know we’re trust-worthy, ATAS licensed and that you can call us Monday to Saturday too on 1300 414 198.

The demand by travel operators, to bring you holidays like this is growing fast.  They want to bring you, the over-60s of Australia, a great deal, via Travel at 60

We get you a great deal you couldn’t get on your own because travel companies don’t want to advertise these fare drops in the newspaper or with the major travel agents as they don’t want individual product discounts known on cruises or tours or flights explicitly. So you’ll see bundled prices for package holidays on our sites when we’re doing these deals, and this allows us to bring you those great prices.  We also offer many of the most popular holidays at really good market competitive rates.

So keep your eye out and know this little secret is ours, together. It’s a cheeky one! And it benefits you! That fits with our Starts at 60 and Travel at 60 mission of “driving good value on the needs and wants of Baby Boomers – digital first!”

We can also book your big, small and custom holidays, cruises, tours and rail journeys – and help you on 1300 414 198. So please, keep us in mind. Visit the travel at 60 Marketplace at travel.startsat60.com

Bec Xx – Founder of Starts at 60 and Travel at 60

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