Woman avoids excess baggage fees by wearing half her holiday wardrobe

Apr 11, 2019
There is nothing worse than an unexpected baggage fee. Source: Getty

How far would you go to avoid excess baggage charges? One British woman went over the top, literally, by slipping on half of her entire holiday wardrobe in order to avoid a £65 ($118) fee at Manchester Airport.

According to a report in The Daily Mirror, Natalie Wynn, 30, was about to board her flight to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands when she was stopped by a security officer, who weighed her 9.4 kilogram carry-on bag and told her it was too heavy to take onboard.

But, not to be defeated, the mum-of-five decided to pile on seven dresses, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of shorts, a skirt and a cardigan.

Natalie said she was “absolutely boiling” at this point and added that other passengers, who were watching the events unfold, even offered to pack some of her clothes in their cases.

“I was boiling, absolutely boiling. I still had plenty in my case but I put near enough half of what I’ve put on,” she told The Mirror. “I put on four dresses, two pairs of shorts, I tied a dress around my neck, put a skirt on, I shoved two dresses down the dresses I had on, and two pairs of shoes as well, and a cardigan.

Thankfully, once on the plane, a flight attendant allowed the mother to repack the excess clothes back into her carry-on bag.

“As soon as I got on the plane, I took it all off and put it back in my case,” Natalie added. “That was funny as well because people were laughing because I’d just started taking off all my clothes in the middle of the plane.”

What are your thoughts on this? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to avoid an extra fee?


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