‘They miss out on so much’: Writer claims social media is ruining travel

Jun 05, 2019
You can't travel now without seeing people trying to get the perfect Instagram shot. Source: Getty

A travel writer from New Zealand has sparked a huge reaction online after posting a controversial message about the impact of social media on travelling.

You can’t seem to travel many places now without seeing people trying to get the perfect Instagram shot, and, according to Brook Sabin it’s starting to ruin people’s experiences jetting overseas.

In her piece, published in stuff.co.nz, Sabin begins by listing examples of when social media has had a negative impact on travel.

“If you spend any time on Instagram, you may have seen influencers strolling through endless tulip fields near the Dutch capital. Trouble is, they are often trespassing on private farms to get the shot,” she writes.

“In Cambodia, more than 1000 of us lined up in front on Angkor Wat – pushing and shoving – to capture the sunrise. It had all the romance of queuing at the Kmart checkout during the Christmas rush.”

Sabin then goes on to say the main motivation of travel has changed, adding: “Today, it seems, the priority for many is to prove they’re out there having a fantastic time with all the culture, sights and tastes through social media. When in actual fact, they miss out on so much of that while trying to capture it.”

Meanwhile, according to Expedia’s 2018 social media and travel report, obtained by Escape, Aussies are now choosing where to holiday based on social media snaps.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think social media use is having a negative impact on travel?

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