How one simple choice could help you speed through airport security lines

Jun 17, 2019
Getting through security fast comes down to what line you pick. Source: Getty

No-one likes to spend their time standing in long airport security lines and the idea of hauling your bags to an airport hours before a flight, only to wait around in queues, is less than appealing.

Fortunately, it seems Southern Cross Travel Insurance has a solution. The New Zealand-based travel insurance company told getting through security fast comes down to what line you pick.

In fact, travellers trying to get through airport security quickly should always opt for the left line.

According to the travel insurance company, most travellers subconsciously pick which line to queue in depending on their dominant hand. And considering most people are right-handed, the lines on the left are the way to go.

“Research shows most people are right-handed and tend to turn to the right first, so do the opposite,” Southern Cross Travel Insurance said. “Go to the left and you may be able to move faster through airport security and customs.”

The travel insurance company also said adding a ribbon to you luggage will also save you time at the airport as it’ll be easier to spot.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any handy tips to save time at the airport?

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