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6 laundry hacks every traveller needs to know

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Quick and easy ways to have clean clothes while on vacation. Source: Getty

Most people have had to handwash clothes while on holiday at some point, whether it’s because there’s no affordable laundry service, or simply because it’s a quick and easy way to pack less and have clean clothes to wear multiple times over.

So it’s always handy to have a few tricks up your sleeve to speed up the process. Here are some laundry hacks you might find handy on your next trip:

Wash in the sink

It’s one of the most popular and easy ways for holiday-makers to clean their garments. All you have to do is plug the drain of a sink — pack a universal sink plug so you can easily wash your clothing anywhere, but a rolled up sock or washcloth works too — add soap, fill with hot water and hand wash your clothes.

Use a ziplock bag as a washing machine

A ziplock bag of washing powder and hot water is another great way to clean your clothes. First add a pinch of detergent then fill with hot water, add your dirty laundry and mix everything up for five minutes with your hand. Then, zip up the bag and allow your clothing to soak in the soapy water for another 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing in the shower.

Use a towel

You can dry your clothes quickly and easily with this electricity-free travel hack. All you have to do is find two towels in your hotel room — or if one or both are wet you can improvise with a bathrobe, face towel or hand towel — and lay the first towel flat on the bed. Lay out your wet clothes in a single layer on top of it and roll up the towel tightly. Lay the second towel on the bed and roll the first towel in the second towel. This will put a lot of pressure on the clothes, expelling as much moisture as possible.

Break out the hairdryer

Your hairdryer is not just for drying and styling your hair. If you have access to a hairdryer, you can use it to quickly dry your clothing too. After washing your garment, wring it out properly to get rid of excess water. Place it on a flat surface and start drying. Once you’ve removed most of the moisture from your clothing, hang it up to dry — don’t use wooden hangers as it can stain your damp clothes. Instead, an iron board or shower curtain rod work pretty well.

Pack a drying line

Save yourself having to hang wet clothes all around the room and pack some string that you can rig up a clothesline with. Alternatively, you can purchase cheap travel clotheslines with suction caps either end – great for drying items in your hotel bathroom – online.

Pack eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is great for removing stains and spots on clothing. Add a few drops to your regular laundry powder or washing detergent and rub into the fabric. Let it soak into the fabric for 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing. The great thing is, it will also add a fresh scent to your laundry.

Do you know any other great laundry hacks?

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