‘Why you should put Victoria’s Hepburn Springs on your travel bucket list’

Sep 01, 2019
Daylesford Lake in Victoria. Source: Getty Images

Holidaying at Hepburn Springs in Victoria has a unique, unforgettable appeal. Hepburn Springs is Australia’s largest site for mineral waters. Travelling to Hepburn through the scenic Wombat State forest, we pause for a picnic at the Daylesford Lake. Daylesford is full of boutique shops, Victorian charm, sumptuous cafes, and art galleries of every description.

Venturing on a little further, the visitor is pleasantly surprised by the whimsical, historic settlement of Hepburn Springs. Here, tourists can stay in tents pitched in the camping ground, or at superior bed and breakfasts.

Hepburn Springs is a delightful destination, with the natural springs, where one can drink and fill empty bottles with unlimited, free, rejuvenating and healing waters. Once, way back when in the 1800s, this little corner of the world was a gold mining town. However, local residents, mostly of Italian or European heritage, claimed the mineral waters here were more precious than any gold. So, Hepburn Springs became a mecca for tourists.

Thousands of visitors come here, especially on weekends. There are health spas, both modern and refurbished older ones, where clients can enjoy massage retreats, or they can bathe in healing mineral spa pools, to rest and relax.

In the actual main Springs reserve, the traditional waters still exist. One can sit amid a natural bush setting, and drink from the springs, with their original names, such as Soda, Sulphur, Pavilion, Locarno, and Wyuna. There are some other springs too, situated nearby on the bushland walking trails, which meander through the National Park. Birdlife and native fauna abound. It is quite common to see kangaroos or wallabies. In springtime, this region is renowned for its wildflowers.

The first European settlers who established Hepburn Springs, came from cultures which celebrated spas with mineral waters, such as in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Nowadays, tourists can traipse around this little town, to visit the old Macaroni Factory, and other historic heritage buildings. One highlight is to dine in the local restaurants, to enjoy the famous local beef and pork sausages, still produced using an old fashioned Italian recipe, dating back to the 1860s. At wine o’clock, venture to the nearby vineyards for a robust and very acceptable drop.

Hepburn Springs is an eclectic blend of Edwardian and Victorian architecture, terrific for photography enthusiasts. This quaint township is lovingly restored and still preserved, a national heritage.

For a must-see stopover, take along some empty bottles to fill. Imbibe and bide awhile in Hepburn Springs, for healthy wellbeing, as well as great foods and wines. Relax and rejuvenate, on a refreshing tour, a holiday at Hepburn Springs!

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