Top 5 reasons why Alaska deserves a spot on your bucket list

May 11, 2019
Snow-capped mountains are just one amazing attraction travel-goers will have the chance to see on their voyage through Alaska. Source: Getty

If you want to experience an unforgettable scenic getaway, then look no further than Alaska. With magnificent glaciers, towering mountains and crystal clear waters, it truly is the trip of a lifetime.

While it’s largely uninhabited, Alaska is also wildly diverse — from snow-covered mountains to lush rainforest — and the perfect place to explore the great outdoors. Its beauty is legendary, with a vast network of national parks and preserves home to lakes, glaciers and waterfalls.

So if you’ve been wanting to explore this region’s many wonders, Royal Caribbean has shared with Travel at 60 their top five reasons why this unmissable destination deserves a spot on everyone’s bucket list, especially if you’re travelling by sea.

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See the world from a different perspective

One of Alaska’s most popular attractions, the Inside Passage, is a coastal route formed by glacial movements from millions of years ago – and it’s one destination that needs to be viewed by sea.

Guests onboard Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas vessel will have the opportunity to get up close with Alaska’s towering snow-capped mountains and spectacular wildlife, such as migrating whales and bald eagles, by stepping on its North Star – an observational pod that is attached to a giant arm on top of the ship and can rise 90 metres above sea level.

Guests onboard the Royal Caribbean will have the opportunity to get up close with Alaska’s towering snow-capped mountains and spectacular wildlife by stepping on its North Star. Source: Supplied

Get up close to the world’s tallest mountains

Alaska is home to the highest mountain peak in North America — Denali. Formerly known as Mount McKinley, the famous mountain clocks in at 6,190 metres above sea level — see it on a clear day and it’s a sight you’ll never forget.

It’s the centrepiece of Denali National Park, which is made up of almost 2.5 million hectares of glaciers and alpine ranges, tundra and river valleys, and is home to incredible wildlife including grizzly and black bears, wolves, reindeer, moose and an astonishing range of birds.

If you’re one for spectacular scenery, Royal Caribbean’s balcony staterooms offer the best views.


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Visit Alaska’s most magnificent glaciers

There are more than 100,000 glaciers in Alaska, and these slow-moving rivers of ice make for some of the state’s most stunning attractions. One of the most amazing experiences is listening to the glaciers creak and groan before giant blocks of ice break off and crash into the sea – and guests onboard the Royal Caribbean will get to experience this phenomenon firsthand.

Passengers will also have the chance to cruise through Tracy Arm Fjord — a narrow waterway surrounded by sharp cliffs. Extending for almost 50 kilometres, the astonishing scenery here makes it a popular spot for cruise ships. At the end of the fjord lies the twin Sawyer Glaciers — but before you get to them you’ll witness mountain peaks more than 2,000 metres high, plunging waterfalls pouring over rock walls, vivid blue icebergs and huge pieces of ice calving into the water. Plus, there will most likely be native wildlife such as moose, brown bears, seals and whales.


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A thriving food scene

If you’re a food enthusiast, Alaska boasts a thriving food scene with a host of eateries serving up iconic local food such as black cod, chocolate bread and the world renowned wild Alaskan salmon.

Lucky guests onboard Royal Caribbean will have the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine on shore through the cruise line’s all-you-can-feast excursion at an alfresco salmon bake.

Alaska is known for their delicious wild salmon. Source: Getty
Alaska is known for their delicious wild salmon. Source: Getty

The fascinating history and culture

There’s so much history and culture in Alaska, and it can be experienced through Royal Caribbean’s carefully crafted itinerary of shore excursions. The major cruise line works alongside adventure specialists and locals to curate insider tips for an exclusive insight into the native history of the diverse state. Learn about the native Inuit and indigenous people and their culture, or take a tour of some of the gold mining sites.


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Have you ever been to Alaska? What was the highlight for you?

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