Three essential things you need to pack for your next cruise

Feb 08, 2019

Among the chaos and excitement of trying to organise a cruise getaway, it can be easy to forget about the smaller things like how you’ll do your washing, where you’ll store your clothes and how you’ll keep the cabin clean.

Luckily, the solutions to these problems are much easier and cheaper than you would think. And the best part? They’ll take up barely any room in your suitcase!

1. Make-shift washer and dryer

The trouble with long trips away is that you just can’t ignore dirty clothes, as you might do on a shorter break. Unless you want to buy a whole new wardrobe on-board, manually washing and drying your clothes is most likely going to be your only option.

While many cruise ships provide helpful self-service laundry facilities, others don’t, so you’re better off coming prepared for the worst.

Rather than washing your clothes one-by-one in the tiny bathroom sink, get it all done at the same time by bringing along an extra large zip lock bag and a small tub of laundry detergent. Pop your dirty clothes in the bag with the detergent, a bit of soap and some warm water, zip it up and swish it around. Voila! A homemade washing machine that can be thrown out at the end of the holiday.

And for the drying portion, avoid covering every surface of your bathroom with wet clothes by packing a piece of clothing line and some pegs. You can tie the clothing line up in the shower – or, if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, outside – and hang your clothes up during the day so when you get back at night everything is freshly cleaned and ready to be worn!

2. Magnetic hooks

The worst thing about cruise cabins is the size and lack of storage in the room. However, one of the best things about them is that they’re all completely made of metal.

This is such a handy thing to know because heavy-duty magnetic hooks will be your best friend when it comes to hanging up swimmers, hats, clothes or even shoes all over the walls. You can also take along normal magnets to stick things to the wall like your daily planner, itinerary, tickets or even notes for the cleaners.

If you’re looking to declutter your cabin even further, try packing foldable cubes to hang from the hooks to organise clothing, toiletries or shoes.

3. Sanitiser and odour spray

When you’re spending a long period of time in one room, you want to be feeling clean and comfortable which means sanitiser wipes will be your best friend. They’re great for giving the benches and bathroom surfaces a once over, but also for cleaning smaller things like remotes and light switches.

Once you have the room feeling nice and fresh, you want to keep it that way which is why a nice odour spray or scented air freshener is also a must. Remember, cabin bathrooms are very poorly ventilated and many rooms don’t have a window to air out any unwanted odours, so keeping something nice smelling and non-flammable close by might just save your entire holiday.


Are you heading on a cruise soon? What are your essential items packing items?

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