This one simple trick could make your flights so much more enjoyable

Jun 05, 2017

Air travel certainly has its moments. There can be delayed flights, stuffy cabins and less than ideal leg space.

But what if you could ensure a much more enjoyable flight and the only thing you’d have to do is make a quick stop to the convenience store while you’re at the airport? You’d at least want to give it a shot, wouldn’t you?

Well, one frequent flyer and businessman Peter Shankman, says there is one failsafe tip that he calls the “single greatest travel hack in the history of air travel”.

Now, you might want to sit down for this one, because it is so incredibly simple that it might come as an absolute shock.

It turns out that a little kindness, yes kindness, and little bit of chocolate, goes a long way.

“I take somewhere between 200 and 250 flights per year,” Mr Shankman writes in his blog.

“And no matter what airport I’m in, no matter whether I’m flying 200 miles to Boston or 12,000 miles to Singapore, I won’t get on the plane without stopping at the convenience store in the airport and buying a big bag of M&Ms.”

“I walk onto the plane and find the lead flight attendant. I hand him or her the bag, and simply say ‘These are for you, but you have to share with your co-workers, OK?’,” he says.

“Then I smile at the lead flight attendant and walk to my seat. That’s it.”

Mr Shankman says it’s as simple as that. But, what’s the payoff for such a simple gesture?

It’s huge, according to Shankman.

The flight attendants, who are the key to making your flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, are much happier and in a great mood.

“They’re joking with the passengers, they’re cheerful, for possibly the first time in a while, they don’t feel like every passenger is out to get them!”

What a kind gesture! Will you be bringing a pack of chocolate for the flight attendants on your next flight?


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