The number one rule to stop you from overpacking

Jul 07, 2017

For some of us, packing a suitcase is as easy as folding a few key pieces into a suitcase. For others it’s a difficult balance between packing the must-haves and ending up with your whole wardrobe in your bag.

Eight dresses, five pairs of shoes and three handbags for an overnight getaway might seem entirely appropriate to some, but if you want to learn how to be a light packer, or at least want to give it a go, then there’s one rule that many people swear by and that is sticking to similarly coloured items. 

If the majority of your clothing is one neutral colour, like navy blue or black, then it will not only be easy to coordinated your outfits each day but you’ll also be able to pack much less.

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If you love to add a pop of colour to your outfits, then you could always include a piece of colourful jewellery, a bright scarf or one or two vivid shirts that will go with your other pieces.

“Grey is a demure color that doesn’t make you stand out. Perfect for world travel,” suggested one traveller on community thread, Reddit.

Not only will you be able to resist overpacking, but you’ll also save loads of time choosing your outfits each day, because everything will match. 

Once you have all your cloth options ready to go in the suitcase, there’s also a simple way to decide whether you’re packing too much by putting your “what-if” clothing choices in one pile. These items include the pieces you’re thinking about packing “just in case” you wind up in certain situations.

“[Doing this] made me realise that pretty much most of the bulk in my bag was ‘what if’ and that for such a short trip, I could have probably lost half of this,” another regular traveller said. 

Take some time out before you begin packing, just to make sure that you’re not going to be lugging around clothes and items you don’t really need to. It makes for a much simpler, and lighter, travel experience.

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What are your tips for packing light?

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