The future of flight? Aircraft doubles as grocery store and fitness studio

Apr 10, 2019
AIM Altitude has come up with a new concept for airline cabins. Source: Facebook - AIM Altitude

Air travel isn’t the most comfortable experience at the best of times, especially if you’re in economy class, but one UK-based aviation company may have a solution that could change the travel game forever.

AIM Altitude has come up with a new concept for airline cabins, which it says aims to make long-haul flights “enjoyable and desirable”. The innovative concept was launched at the Airline Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, last week.

Known as Ultraflex, the futuristic cabin features a number of flexible social spaces which could be dedicated to dining, wellness, exercise, work and entertainment.

For example, the design offers a space where people can wine and dine in a private booth, or stretch their legs with an hour of yoga. There’s also a deli galley laid out like a grocery store, with glazed units displaying items, and a pop-up bar for live sporting events.

“Ultraflex is a project that we’ve been working on for about 10 months,” Ross Burns, lead industrial designer for AIM Altitude, told CNN.

“At some point you’re going to want to get up stretch your legs, put life back into your legs — but it’s really a destination, a new destination to go to — rather than sitting in your seat for anything from 12-20 hours.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this new concept is a good idea?

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