The foolproof way to stop your luggage getting lost

Sep 04, 2017

There are any number of tips about how to stop your luggage from getting lost while on holiday, but few are as silly or, possibly, as effective as this one.

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The next time you go to pick up your bag from the luggage carousel at the airport, instead of worrying about someone else picking up your bag, or worse, picking up someone else’s bag yourself, wonder what it would be like to have a bag that looks like this:


That’s right, you too could have a suitcase with the photo of your face on it. Not only will it be very obvious to you which bag is yours, but it’s likely going to stop others from taking your bag, too.

Who knows, the baggage handlers might be so impressed and so taken by your hilarious bag, that they might just be inspired to give your bag special consideration. It’ll definitely catch people’s attention, that’s for sure!

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A company called FireBox prints these suitcase covers with a printed picture of your face, or anything else you’d like to have printed.

The cases are available in several difference sizes and start at £19.99 ($33AUD) for a small up to £29.99 ($50AUD) for a large.

So, the next time you’re worried that someone might take your bag, or that you might accidentally pick the wrong one up from the airport, do away with a colourful ribbon and think about putting your face on your bag instead.

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Would you buy one of these cases for your luggage?

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