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The cost-effective way to get from destination to destination

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Greyhound Australia offers a cost-effective way to get from destination to destination. Source: Instagram - Greyhound Australia

You’ll no doubt remember hopping on the reliable old Greyhound bus to shuttle between cities for work or to visit family however they’ve been a little forgotten in recent years, with the advent of cheap interstate and intercity flights.

But did you know that they offer a cost-effective way to get from destination to destination – if you’re posterior can take the hours on a coach!

Greyhound Australia offers the ultimate travel pass which will save you money whilst allowing you to do as many stops as you like for as long as your pass allows.

With over 250 stops, the Whimit Pass allows you to travel in any direction and on any route, giving you the freedom to be as adventurous as you want and visit multiple bucket-list destinations along the way.

Meanwhile, the luxury coaches are built with everything an avid traveller desires – reclining leather seats with plenty of leg room to sit back and relax (possibly more than on a budget airline), free WiFi, USB charges on every seat and large, panoramic windows. Plus, most of their buses come equipped with onboard bathroom facilities.

Have you travelled on a Greyhound bus before? Did you enjoy it? Would you travel on it again?

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