Surprising vegetarian in-flight meal leaves people in shock

Nov 21, 2017

In-flight food might not be anything to write home about, but passengers at least expect a meal to satisfy their hunger while on a flight.

The flyer, Steve Hogarty, who was on a flight with Colombian airline Avianca, photographed the meal that he was offered, which consisted of two pieces of fruit wrapped in cling wrap.

“The vegetarian meal on this flight is an apple and a pear wrapped in clingfilm, served with a knife and fork,” Hogarty tweeted, along with a photo of the meal.

It appears that the airline had made a mistake, after a representative from Avianca responded to Hogarty’s message, saying: “Service is our priority, please let us know your flight date/number and also your contact information via DM. This is not our standard so we surely will investigate as soon as possible.”

That didn’t stop people from sharing their own vegetarian in-flight meal horror stories.

“On a recent @British_Airways flight I asked for a vegetarian meal and they told me they had none left, but kindly offered me chicken or beef as an alternative. I eventually got given some cheese,” said Mike Gilyatt. 

Another passenger posted an image of their vegetarian meal, which included seven pieces of fruit.

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“At least yours was wrapped,” Dave O’Carroll said. 

Some passengers were in absolute shock that this was considered a suitable meal.

“Disgraceful. I would have expected this 20 years ago but not now!” said Twitter user, MrsP.

Other passengers came to Avianca’s defense, saying their own experiences were much more favourable.

“I flew with @Avianca this month, preordered a gluten free meal and it was perfect… they even served me first. Maybe you didn’t preorder? Maybe bad luck? 100% service is impossible,” Benjamin Pavlovsky said.


What’s the most questionable meal you’ve ever had on a flight?

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