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Six items you should avoid packing on your next holiday

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It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of packing your bags before a big getaway. But over-packing tends to be the quickest way to struggle with bag weight restrictions at the airport and space for bringing back souvenirs or gifts. So, next time you’re packing a bag, don’t even bother thinking about these items.


Books will be your saviour from boredom when boarding a long haul flight or the key to relaxation when lazing by the pool. But the massive downside to these time-fillers is their sheer size and weight. Not only do they take up valuable space but they also weigh more than you would think.

The best thing to do is to ditch the paper and invest your money in an e-book. Not only is there an endless supply of stories to choose from as you build your library, but e-books are a fraction of the price of hardcopy versions, so in the long run you’re saving money. Plus, they’re super lightweight and easy to slip into your carry on without any issues.

Hair dryers, straighteners and toiletries

While you probably have better things to do than spend each morning of your trip straightening or blow-drying your hair, for some people this is a necessity. Even if you are one of these people – don’t pack them! Almost every hotel these days has a hair dryer in the bathroom and if it’s not there then reception will most likely have one behind the desk that can be used on request. Feel free to call the hotel up before hand to make sure.

Toiletries can also be left behind as most hotels also have a decent supply for guests to use. However, if they don’t, buy yourself some reusable plastic travel bottles so you can squeeze in what you need rather than taking large containers before going.


Even though being on holiday means wearing whatever you want, try leaving the expensive, one-of-a-kind pieces at home. If you lose your valuables while you’re travelling, it super rare you’ll ever get them back, especially if you’re dashing from city to city.

This includes important technology like laptops and even iPads. Smart phones generally have everything you need on them including emails, calendars and internet access so taking other expensive devices is barely necessary. 

A change of clothes for every day

While this one is obvious, it’s still hard to avoid. People can definitely get in over their heads when packing and planning outfits for each day. But in reality, when you’re travelling you’ll be more interested in staying comfortable and most likely find yourself wearing the same outfit most days. 

If you have to take clothes for a one-off fancy event, try and keep it simple and take something that can also be dressed down and worn multiple times throughout your trip.

Heaps of cash

Taking lots of cash isn’t smart for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you lose your wallet, there goes majority of your spending money, and secondly it will simply bulk up your bag for no reason at all.

Almost everywhere has made the move from card to cash these days and if they haven’t then ATM’s are still readily available in majority of destinations. The easiest option is to organise a travel card with your bank to avoid paying big transaction fees for the conversion rate when using credit or debit cards. These cards can be cancelled if they go missing, have a limited amount of money loaded onto them and usually come with a spare in case there are two people sharing an account.

The ‘might use’ options

These items are the biggest waste of space in luggage. They’re they things that you think you might use and you’re just bringing to be safe. But the common rule of thumb is, except for items like passports, travel documents and travel cards, if you don’t use the item every day – don’t bother bringing it.

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