Rome bans gladiator costumes, messy eating and more top tourist activities

Jun 17, 2019
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Messy eating outside momentums in Rome is one thing you could get penalised for. Source: Getty

Anyone who’s been to Rome’s most famous historic sites will be familiar with being encouraged — strongly — to buy a photo with a local dressed up as a gladiator.

Well, that little money-spinner for Romans with a taste for leather skirts looks set to dry up, as the authorities clamp down on tacky tourist experiences.

Now visitors themselves also need to look out, because the Italian capital has introduced a series of new rules and regulations to put an end to anti-social behaviour, Lonely Planet reports.

The new rules include penalties for messy eating outside monuments, dragging suitcases up or down historic steps such as the Spanish Steps, and placing your mouth around the metal spout on fountains.

The popular tourist traditions of attaching love padlocks to bridges, swimming in the city’s fountains and singing on public transport are also forbidden.

The new rules com after a British tourist was slapped with a hefty 450 euros (AUD$734) fine after she waded into the Trevi Fountain, and a Russian tourist was handed a 17,734 euros fine for carving a 10-inch (25 centimetres) ‘K’ into the Colosseum.

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