Older travellers are tech-smart, clever planners and spending big: Survey

Apr 16, 2019
Baby Boomers hold 53 per cent of the nation's wealth. Source: Getty

When you read the words ‘senior traveller’, it’s probably often accompanied by a photograph of a person with a walking frame, visiting a historic garden.

And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with either walking frames (whatever gets you moving is a good thing!) or garden tours, the idea that that’s the only type of travel older Australians are interested in doing is infuriating.

Especially when new research from marketing agency New Young Consulting released today, based on more than 100 hours of research into the 55-plus travel sector, found that 40 per cent of over-65s are spending between $11,000 and $50,000 per person per annum on travel. In fact, Baby Boomers hold 53 per cent of the nation’s wealth and they are more willing to travel more than ever.

Meanwhile, the report also found this age group is tech-savvy when it comes to using mobiles and tablets, are big YouTube viewers and spend hundreds of hours researching travel on the internet, and over half of the travellers in this sector are planning their trips 12 months ahead.

“Baby Boomers were our first backpackers, the Lonely Planet generation, long before TripAdvisor and review sites were around,” Bronwyn White, CEO of New Young Consulting, said.

“Today’s over-55s were a product of the ‘swinging sixties’ and the seventies. They were a generation that saw liberated sexual experiences, the pill and the rise in feminism. They were wild, adventurous and exploratory. Many are looking to rekindle the fire through travel adventures once the kids leave home,”  she said.  “This age group should be ignored at a marketer’s peril.”

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