Netherlands fence off tulip fields to stop blooms being crushed by selfie-takers

Apr 29, 2019
Barriers are being put up around tulip fields in an attempt to encourage visitors to be more respectful. Source: Getty

Tourists flock to the Netherlands every spring to experience the breathtaking beauty of the country’s world-famous tulips which blossom for just a few weeks each year. And many visitors pose for photos inside the brightly coloured fields.

However, this has led to an alarming number of tourists carelessly trampling over the flowers in a bid to secure the perfect picture. Now, as a result, barriers are being put up around tulip fields across Holland, in an attempt to encourage visitors to be more respectful.

Simon Pennings, a farmer who owns more than 40 fields to the west of Amsterdam, was the first to put up a fence in his field.

“They are so careless,” he told local Dutch media, according to The Guardian. “We get large groups of people visiting, which we find very nice and fun, but they flatten everything. It is a shame and we suffer damage as a result. Last year, I had a plot with €10,000 [AU$15,800] in damage. Everything was trampled … They want to take that selfie anyway.”

The Dutch tourism board is now urging visitors to be more considerate and has created a dos and don’ts guide to taking a selfie near a tulip field.

“Holland is proud of its flowers. And you are very welcome to enjoy this annual spectacle of colors with us. Please do respect this source of national pride, however,” the online guide from the tourist board reads.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you visited the tulip fields?

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