A must-do if you’re heading off on an Aussie ski trip this winter

Jun 12, 2019
The ski season has officially kicked off in Australia. Source: Getty

If you’re heading to the slopes this winter, there are some basic steps that could take the stress out of your trip and ensure it goes without a hitch.

While travel insurance is not something most people think about getting when heading on a local ski trip, Understand Insurance spokesperson Lisa Kable says it’s still hugely important.

“Domestic travel insurance is readily available and important for local ski or snowboarding trips but not usually at the top of the to-do list for most heading away locally,” she says.

“The cost of prepaid transport, accommodation, transfers, lift tickets, lessons and equipment can add up to thousands of dollars. Non-Medicare medical expenses also add up.

“Whether you’re a novice skier or an expert snowboarder, ski travel insurance provides peace of mind should the unexpected happen on a snow trip.”

Kable says visitors travelling to the snow should also ensure their car insurance is up-to-date.

“Getting to the ski slopes is often a stressful part of a mountain visit, particularly for motorists unfamiliar with alpine driving. Ending up in a ditch beside the road is not a great way to start or finish a snow trip,” she says.

Meanwhile, Kable says home protection is important too, adding: “Check your home insurance is up-to-date before going on holiday, and ensure door and window locks are secure.”

If you’re planning to travel abroad for the ski season, Kable says international travel insurance specifically designed for snow sports is readily available for Australians heading to New Zealand or South American. Snow sport policies include emergency medical, hospital and ski slope rescue cover.

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