Travel at 60 Daily Joke: A man went to a bar with his friends

Mar 15, 2019
He was away on a holiday. Source: Getty

A man and wife were on holiday. While the woman was enjoying some relaxation time at the spa, her husband headed off to the local bar where he met up with a number of friends.

Throughout the evening for a bit of fun, each of the men stood up and did a speech on their sex life. When the man got home his wife asked how his night was, and not wanting to lie, but also not wanting to explain exactly what happened he said: “Oh, I had to make a talk about yachting.”

His wife thought this a little peculiar but said noting more and went to sleep. The next day she bumped into one of his mates at the supermarket.

“I heard my husband had to make a speech last night, how did it go?” she asked. His mate smiled and replied: “Oh, it was excellent! Your husband is clearly very experienced”.

The wife looked confused and replied: “Strange, he has only done it twice and the second time he was sick”.

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