Hotel maid claims making your bed before check out is a big no-no

Jun 05, 2019
A perfectly made bed could cause confusion for cleaning staff. Source: Getty

While it might seem like common courtesy to make your bed before you check out, a former hotel housekeeper has said it’s a big no-no for a very worrying reason.

According to the housekeeper, a perfectly made bed could cause confusion for cleaning staff who may assume it’s already been re-made, meaning the next person who checks in could possibly be sleeping in your dirty sheets.

“If you’ve slept in your bed, you don’t need to make it when you leave,” the former hotel housekeeper, who worked at a resort in Australia, told Business Insider.

“If we think you haven’t used the bed at all, we may not change the sheet. So it’s better if it looks slept in.”

For those who want to help out, a Holiday Inn housekeeper also told the publication that putting all your used towels and sheets together in a pile is super helpful.

“It’s not necessary or expected, but it’s really sweet when a guest takes apart their bed before they leave because you have to clean so many rooms in a certain amount of time,” the housekeeper said. “It helps a lot. Also, put all your used towels in a pile together on the floor.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you make your bed when you check out?

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