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Long-haul flight hacks: a flight attendant tells all

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Travel tips, hacks and general good advice for flying from someone who’s racked up loads of hours in the air: Cathay Pacific flight attendant, Lenni Liu…

“Put your cosmetics in sandwich bags. Packing your makeup products at home in a zip-lock bag is a great way to save time at the airport. This will keep you from having to remove any cosmetics from your makeup bag during security screenings.”

“Always carry a tube of Vaseline with you. Humidity drops rapidly inside the cabin of a plane., so whenever I pack my bag for a flight I always carry a travel-sized Vaseline to keep my hands and lips moisturised. Hydration is the key to staying radiant at all times.”

“Remove your jewellery. Particularly on long-haul flights, you’re always taking headphones on and off while flying and it’s easy to accidentally knock your jewellery behind your seat or onto the floor. I recommend taking your jewellery off to save you from accidentally losing your earrings/necklaces in-flight. As an extra hack, packing jewellery into separate plastic binder sleeves will save jewellery from becoming tangled in your luggage.”

“Set your watch. With longer flights come different time zones, so you’ll find it’s often a great idea to have a rest on your flight and set your watch to your destination’s time. Sleeping during the night hours of your destination is a really simple way to beat jet lag.”

“Pick your plane, not just your seat. Different aircraft often offer different features, including entertainment systems and seating structures. Some planes are even quieter than others. Cathay Pacific’s A350 aircraft uses a variety of sound-absorbent materials, causing less in-cabin noise and leading to a better sleep. Its cabin is also well-pressurised compared to other aircrafts, making your flight even more comfortable and less tiring.”

“Carry on must-haves. Packing a spare change of clothes in your carry-on baggage is great for layovers where you have a few hours to kill. This way, you can change into a fresh set of clothes at the airport and feel refreshed for a little energy boost.”

“Pack a zip-lock bag for wet swimmers. If you’re on a summer vacation and are expecting to go swimming on your last day, having a few extra-large zip-lock bags in your luggage is a great idea so you can store any wet clothes – and save the rest of your clothing from becoming damp.”

“Faster isn’t always better. Next time you’re booking a long-haul flight, consider booking flights with an extended stopover. This is an amazing way to experience destinations that you might not have seen before. Flights with stopovers are often cheaper and Cathay Pacific actually offers a range of free tours on extended stopovers in Hong Kong.”

“Be careful to not overpack. And be mindful that luggage allowance can vary between different airlines and destinations! 

“Be careful what powders you pack. Australians are now limited to 350mg of powder in their carry-on. This adds up quickly with things like bronzer, baby powder, setting powder and highlighters. Travel-sized samples are incredibly useful for this and for saving space in your bag.

“As a personal hack. I always pack a hair straightener, which easily irons out any unintentional creases in my uniform.”

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