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Why you should take a long cruise holiday

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Hopping on a luxury vessel and setting sail for a lengthy holiday sounds like a dream come true, but 20, 50, 100 or even 200 days cruising is a very different experience to a short and sweet seven-day trip.

For travellers who have loved the cruises they’ve been on, or are looking to cruise for the first time, a long cruise holiday can be perfect for anyone if they’re armed with the right mentality.

We’ve debunked a few fears travellers may have about embarking on a lengthy cruise and highlighted some of the unique benefits of a lengthy seafaring journey. Jump aboard and get to know this popular cruise trend for yourself. 

Give boredom the boot

Being bored is one of the most realistic fears for travellers who are setting sail for a lengthy period. When booking a long cruise, the list of countries and exotic destinations makes the itinerary look action-packed. It’s easy to overlook the fact you may be spending several days at sea in between ports.

The best way to combat boredom is to have a rough idea before you leave of how long you’ll be spending at sea between destinations. That way you won’t get a shock to find out you have a five-day journey across the Pacific before reaching your next port. Knowing how long you’ll be at sea means you can spread out the stellar activities on board the ship as well, so you don’t knock them out all in the first week.

Change your mindset

If you struggle to get your head around the fact you’ll be confined to a ship for a lengthy period of time, think of the cruise ship as a cosmopolitan city instead of a vessel. Cruise ships, nowadays, have the amount of space, activities, shows, restaurants and recreation areas to be small cities. If you find you get tired of one experience on the ship — say, swimming in one of the luxurious deck pools — why not take in a show at the theatre instead?

When you do reach a port, make the most of your days there. If you’re really itching to get off the ship and have a couple of nights in one place, book a night or two in a hotel on shore. Wander the cities and parks, dine on something a bit different and relish in the unfamiliar sights to your heart’s content. Afterwards, you’ll be refreshed and looking forward to returning to the comfort of the ship.

Bring comforts from home

Unlike holidays where you have to make your way from place to place, on a cruise you won’t have to cart your luggage around. Once you have boarded the ship, your luggage stays put in your room. That means you can get away with packing a few extra luxuries. Bring that extra book, pack the jewellery, why not even bring that nice dress reserved for special occasions? If you have more to choose from and more to keep you entertained, you’re less likely to miss home.

Save money

If money is a factor holding you back, you may be surprised to learn that going on a long cruise holiday could be cheaper than staying home, especially if you live in an expensive city. Planet Cruise predicted that if you live in Sydney, your living expenses for a year are roughly $45,000. Comparatively, cruising for a year could cost as little as $40,000 – saving you $5,000. Sounds like a good financial decision to us!

Make friends

A wonderful part of cruising is meeting likeminded people and making friends. If you’re on a short cruise, you may not get the chance to mingle as much as you would like or give you the opportunity to make meaningful connections. A long cruise on the other hand, gives you plenty of time to not only make friends but to get to know them well. You might even meet future travelling companions.

A long cruise is the perfect opportunity to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the little things in life. Viewing a sunset over the ocean or enjoying a meal with some new friends are moments worth pausing for and appreciating.

Have you ever been on a long cruise? Tell us what it was like in the comments below.

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