“I’m nervous about having a female pilot”

Aug 18, 2017

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UK journalist and broadcaster Angela Epstein has penned a story for the Daily Mail stating that female pilots make her nervous and would rather have men in the cockpit.

It all started for Epstein on a recent trip to Italy. When her flight landed, flight crew announced over the plane intercom that it was thanks to Captain Maria that the flight landed safe and sound. It had been the male co-pilot speaking to passengers throughout the flight, which is why she never realised.

Epstein says she felt immediately unsettled after hearing her pilot was a woman, despite acknowledging that it defied logic. While recognising she was “behaving like a chauvinist pig”, she still “felt unsettled knowing that the person responsible for our safety as we hurtled through the sky at 35,000 feet was a woman”.

She admits to preferring men in certain roles such as pilots and heart surgeons, but at the same time believes in equality of opportunity, applauding the fact women are key players in so many spheres.

“I want my 13-year-old daughter to power through the glass ceiling, confident that her gender will never compromise her ambition,” she writes.

Perhaps as long as her daughter never flies a plane or performs surgery.

Epstein says her attitude is a display of ‘benevolent sexism’ – a form of chivalry where women are seen of needing a man’s help.

“For example, I become a terrible driver at certain times of the month. Might my pilot be flying when she’s pre-menstrual?”

One social media user shared the story saying, “Oh my god Daily Mail, why????” and another said, “Ha ha! No comment! Don’t want to touch that!”

One man said he actually preferred female pilots: “I have no problem with female pilots. In fact, I feel safer.”


What do you think? Are the comments sexist or do you prefer a male pilot, too?

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