If you’ve had a flight delayed, you may be losing money you’re owed

Jun 05, 2017

Noisy neighbours, dodgy meals and severe sunburn can ruin a holiday, among many things, but one of the huger setbacks has got to be flight delays and cancellations for passengers. According to online flight statistics tracker, FlightStats, nearly 4,000 flights were cancelled and over 120,000 where delayed across Europe in August 2016 alone.

If your flight is delayed for three or more hours you are entitled to claim up to $850 according to European Regulation No 261/2004. A survey revealed that just over $3 million in refunds is left unclaimed each year. Shockingly it is estimated that only 5% of travellers ever file a compensation claim themselves, with just 15% of passengers who launch a claim independently managing to win compensation.

Under EU regulations, passengers are entitled to claim when;

  • Any flight under 932 miles (for instance, London to Berlin) is delayed for at least two hours.
  • A flight within the EU that is over 932 miles (for instance, London to Athens) is delayed for at least three hours.
  • Any other flight that begins or ends in an EU-airport on a “community carrier” (any airline with its head-quarters and main place of business in the EU) is delayed for more than three hours.

The advice from consumer groups is for passengers to be aware of their rights and to lodge their claim with their airlines – which can usually be done online – as soon as they can, to ensure they are not missing out on compensation due.

For delays of three hours or more you are entitled to a cash payment of €250 ($366) for short flights and €400 ($586) for a flight distance of 1,500-3,500km. For flights of over 3,500km you will receive €300 ($440) for a delay of 3-4 hours; €600 ($880) for more than four hours.

Did you know about this provision to claim your flight cost back? Have you made any such claims?


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