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How to prepare your smartphone for your next overseas holiday

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As smartphones continue to get more technologically advanced they are quickly becoming one of the most important parts of an overseas trip. If you prepare your phone before you leave you can use it for everything from maps to a translator. It’s everything you need, wrapped up in one handheld device!

Airline app

Most international (and almost all domestic) airlines will have their own app that you can download prior to your flight. Once it’s downloaded you can check-in and have your boarding pass ready before you reach the airport. Most apps will also allow you to freely access their in-flight Wi-Fi connection to stream their selection of music, movies, TV shows or radio. 

Language app

If you are heading to a non-English speaking country than it’s best to carry a translator with you. Of course you won’t have to use it every day but it does help when you are guessing the menu items at a restaurant or you are desperate to find the nearest loo.

Portable charger

Phone batteries can be unreliable and if you have an old phone, they often they go flat without any warning. If you’ve checked in online and your boarding pass is only accessible on your phone, you can’t risk a dead battery. So take a portable charger with you and play it safe. You can also use it throughout your travels to make sure you always have access to maps and phone calls in case of an emergency. Portable chargers are always built quite small and compact so they take up very minimal room in your bag.

WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

These helpful apps are the best way to communicate with family and friends back home without any extra cost. They are run by Wi-Fi (which most hotels and cafes provide for free) so you don’t have to rely on your phone data to make expensive international calls or texts. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can share messages, videos and photos as well as make free phone calls or video chats.


Offline maps are the best for overseas travel where phone service won’t be as readily available as it is at home. It’s best to download apps like where you can access maps all over the world without an internet connection. Simply download them when you have access to Wi-Fi and use them freely offline as you wish.


Almost everyone has experienced that dreaded flight where you settle in before quickly realising you are seated next to a screaming baby or a passenger with a hideously loud cough. Now, you could sit there and put up with the extra noise or you could invest in some noise cancelling headphones. No more unwanted noise plus you can put on some relaxing tunes and fall right to sleep.

Life-proof case

Phones can end up being your most important possession on a trip as they hold accommodation and flight details, emergency phone numbers and of course photos and memories of your holiday. So protect it with a life-proof case. The heavier and thicker cases might cost a bit more than a normal case but they will last you years andwill definitely help the longevity of your phone.


Let’s not sugar coat it, long-haul flights are boring. Having some small distraction can be the difference between the longest flight of your life and a mildly enjoyable experience (which is about as good as a flight can get). 

Preparing your smartphone might be super helpful, and it’s also incredibly safe. Having access to a fully charged, prepared phone is one of the safest backups you can carry with you in emergency situations. And yes, emergency situations include getting extremely bored on a long-haul flight!

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